Dr. David Doane

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you accept insurance?
Dr. Doane is a psychologist provider in most insurance and third party plans.  If you have a question about payment or billing, please discuss this with us at (419) 874-3212 or email us at info@drdaviddoane.com


How is payment made?
Payment is made by either cash, check, or insurance coverage.


What kinds of appointments are offered? 
Dr. Doane works with individuals, families and couples and treats a wide range of issues. Appointments can be scheduled at various lengths depending on need. 


How long is an appointment? 
Individual, conjoint, and family sessions are typically 50 minute sessions.  A group therapy session is 60 or 90 minutes long.  Special programs are offered periodically, such as programs for couples or programs on parenting or personal growth.


How does therapy work?
Therapy is a process and a personal journey that can completely transform your life. Dr. Doane has spent more than three decades studying the effects of psychotherapy and how the benefits are both transformational and profound. Dr. Doane also believes that by treating the underlying emotional issues and trauma each of us carries within us, we can release the negative patterns we experience in our relationships, and with issues like addiction, anxiety and depression.


What happens in a session?
 Your session will be completely unique to you and your needs. To discuss what to expect in your appointments or for other questions call (419) 874-3212 or email info@drdaviddoane.com.


To inquire about costs and payment options call (419) 874-3212 or email info@drdaviddoane.com.


How do I book an appointment? 
You can contact us HERE to discuss your needs and book your first appointment.